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DIGITAL SYSTEMS: CSER Task 6: Algorithms and Programming

Option 2: Design an activity that explores sequences of instructions. In the early years, this could be an activity that encourages children to develop skills in putting things into a logical sequence. In the older years this could be more complex and involve students playing a game or doing an activity.
Recently I had the opportunity to attend a workshop run by Celia Coffa (Project Officer, Victoria) for the CSER Group. It was a great day discussing  'Digital Technologies' and having the opportunity to explore the concept of algorithms across all levels.
In this activity 'My Robot Friend', we had the opportunity to undertake and have a hands on experience. It was fabulous fun and so much learning at the same time. The main goal here was to highlight programming techniques and illustrate the need for functions and all with paper cups! The listed objectives students would be introduced to included:
• Learn to convert real-world activities into instructions • Gain practice c…

DIGITAL SYSTEMS: CSER task 5 - Information Systems

Option 1: Think of a lesson idea for "sharing information online safely" or "behaving online appropriately". Write your idea as a brief description with any links to websites, videos or books that you might use in your lesson.

Digital Citizenship has to be a key area of focus in the modern classroom with the access to online digital devices that all students have today.

The transference of behaving appropriately in class and the playground must now apply to behaving appropriately online. Two key concepts I reiterate in my class are: one, if you would not say it to someone's face then don't type it online; and two, don't be a bystander. This last concept my students are most familiar with. What students require today, is ways of being responsible when inappropriate situations occur. 

I am a big fan of Common Sense Education.  Here you will find a vast array of resources for teaching in the digital age. One lesson idea I have used to reinforce appropriate on…